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23, March, 2015


Faux Discx is proud to announce the debut release by Dutch quartet TV Wonder.

From putting on gigs, booking shows for, and housing touring acts, to releasing records and hosting legendary house show parties at Geertruida – the house where singer/guitarist Marijn Westerlaken lives, the members of TV Wonder are entrenched in the DIY underground of The Netherlands.

TV Wonder’s debut EP Bird Sounds introduces a shrewd brand of discordant guitar pop in the spirit of Goo-era Sonic Youth, taking in influences from the likes of Parquet Courts and Women along the way. The oxymoronic name befits this Amsterdam-based quartet’s penchant for inverted musical shapes. Jagged guitar-lines slice and shimmer, occasionally bursting in to fuzz, all the while held down by sparse, shuffling grooves as ghostly vocal apparitions dart about.

In just two years, TV Wonder has built quite a live reputation performing with the likes of Protomartyr, White Fence and Cold Pumas. Bird Sounds captures the early musings of a group dialling in and finding their sound, and serves as an exciting introduction to a band, as well as a proposition of what’s to come.

Bird Sounds is released on March 30 and is available on tapes cassette (limited to 100 copies) and digital download. It’s available to pre-order now HERE. Check out ‘Into The Deep’ taken from the EP below, get an instant download of the song when you pre-order.

21, October, 2014


Very pleased to announce the last release of the year! A 7″ by FD’s very good friends Primitive Parts.

Primitive Parts are three friends, Lindsay Corstorphine (Sauna Youth / Monotony / Cold Pumas), and Male Bonding’s Kevin Hendrick and Robin Christian. They have previously released a single Open Heads / Signal on the SEXBEAT label and contributed a cover of The Yummy Fur’s ‘Chinese Bookie’ to last year’s Collective Hiss compilation.

TV Wheels / The Bench, the band’s second engagement with Faux Discx was written in a narrow room in Homerton, between two churches on a Thursday evening in the summer of 2014. It was recorded to tape by Mark ‘Knuckles’ Jasper at Soundsavers.

Primitive Parts have recently played with The Homosexuals, Ultimate Painting and Juan Wauters and are touring the UK early next year.

TV Wheels / The Bench is out November 24 on 7″ (limited to 300 copies) and digital download. Check out ‘The Bench’ below, if you pre-order the 7″ you’ll get this track immediately.


31, August, 2014


It’s with great pleasure that I can announce the release of Teardrop Factory‘s debut album Thrash In The Heart.

The Brighton based duo of Andy Ward and Tina Muat pick up from where they left last year’s excellent Topshop EP but expand their alternative 90s worshiping earworms with an added layer of noise. Grit and scuzz consume 13 pop songs about mermaids, electric ghosts, car crashes, geometry, surfing, eating insects, video games and lucid dreams.

There’s a home-spun charm to Thrash In The Heart that recalls kindred home-recording enthusiasts Guided By Voices; pop distorted via shitty microphones and self-destructed songs. In other places you may hear a clang and batter akin to Times New Viking or a 60s pop crooner buried under VHS fuzz. It’s coming straight at you, but shrouded in fog.

Made at home by the band and recorded in their bathroom, then mixed with Julian Tardo (Church Rd Studios / Bowlegs) and finally, mastered with MJ (Hookworms) at Suburban Home. Thrash In The Heart will be available via Faux Discx on September 15th.

You can pre-order the BEAUTIFUL pink swirl vinyl exclusively from Faux Discx HERE. All orders (both pre-order and whilst stocks last) will come with either a special bonus CD of alternative versions of songs, or a copy of their previous Topshop EP 7″.

There’s also a standard black LP version, as well as a CD and of course, it’s available digitally. Either order from Faux Discx or use one of the pre-order links below:



22, July, 2014


Ace Chicago based label Trouble In Mind are releasing the next Soft Walls LP – No Time. They’ve been so good as to let Faux Discx release a limited edition die-cut sleeve version (limited to just 200) and a tape cassette version (limited to 100). These are only available via Faux Discx, so don’t sleep! The LP is out July 29 and you can order it HERE. Here’s what Trouble In Mind have to say about the release:

After recording and releasing the eponymous The Soft Walls album in 2012, Faux Discx head honcho and Cold Pumas member Dan Reeves set to work again, this time with a borrowed 8-track and a vision of composing a suite of thematically interlaced tunes, resulting in his Trouble In Mind debut, No Time.

No Time’s ten songs are meditations on the passing of time itself and the preconceived notions (both external and internal) of what you can and should be doing with it. No Time‘s lyrics touch on a universal fear held by many young people heading north of their Twenties; what am I doing, and will I have enough time to do it? Reeves spent many hours writing and re-writing the album’s tunes at home and in his rehearsal space in Brighton before hitting “record” and it shows. While his debut was constructed ‘as-it-happened’ and recorded directly into his computer, No Time‘s deliberate songcraft proves just how far he’s come as a tunesmith, seamlessly aligning his pop smarts with avant-leaning psychedelic drones and a propulsive, rhythmic drive. Dreamy guitar ragas like the opening track “Won’t Remember My Name” ebb and flow seamlessly into motorik head-boppers like “Never Come Back Again” and “All The Same”, whilst pop tunes “Guided Through” and No Time shimmer enticingly through a foggy haze.

Mixed to perfection with like-minded independents and Hookworms mastermind, MJ in Leeds and mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering, these are songs to get lost in; to discover & re-discover.

8, July, 2014

Sex Hand – Pleh

Very, VERY pleased to announce that Faux Discx will once again team up with our buddies Negative Space, this time to release Sex Hands‘ excellent PLEH LP on 12” vinyl and digital download. Check out the video for ‘Pivot’ taken from the LP below, and also download the track for FREE here.

Sex Hands were formed by three childhood friends from the North Wales coast. After relocating to Manchester, Alex, Dylan and Edwin played their first show in 2011 on the Comfortable on a Tightrope stage at SFTOC, Salford. A month later Joe Logan of Waiters was recruited for his sweet bassy licks and amazing posture. From then on the band has been on a rock ‘n’ roll whirlwind, playing shows with the likes of Trumans Water one night and The Babies the next.

After their previous releases which include a split 7” with Daily Life (on the Icecapades label, which features artwork by Sex Hands own Alex Humphreys and Manchester artist Lucy Jones) as well as the self released mini album, Season One (Giant Hell), this is Sex Hands proper-real-life-hi-fi-fully-rockin’-full-length record on Faux Discx/Negative Space. With artwork by Manchester based artist Mike Redmond that compliments the bands rough around the edges, scorched pop rock, PLEH is 13 tracks of non-stop melody mashed fun time hug and roll hits.

Influences include The Clean, Pixies and Weezer. Sex Hands are not a garage pop band, they have never practiced in a garage. They never practice.

Pleh is out July 28, pre-order on vinyl or download via our bandcamp page.

10, June, 2014

Dignan Porch – Observatory

Super excited for what’s up next up on Faux Discx – Dignan Porch‘s third album (having released a couple on New York’s revered Captured Tracks label) Observatory. Dignan Porch started life as a one-man bedroom project for band leader Joseph Walsh, has now blossomed in to a ramshackle group of perpetually laid-back sounding humans creating music that straddles the lines between psychedelia, folk, indie pop and grunge.

When the Porch kick out the jams they give the impression that they’re careering along with only a couple of wheels still on the road, just about in control, but always on the verge of tipping over.

There is a sadness that lurks beneath many of these rough-around-the-edges pop songs, a blurry-eyed realisation of the boredom of everyday life that seems to creep in to the very fabric of Dignan Porch’s sound. The ash tray is full, the can is empty.

The majority of Observatory was written and recorded at home during 2013 when Joe was living in a flat above a used-carpet shop in South London. It was cold and noisy but the rent was low, there were no neighbours to disturb and his room was huge. The perfect setting. The best of times / the worst of times. The band spent evenings and weekends getting their parts down and piecing the songs together. This DIY approach to recording works perfectly for Dignan Porch though, mid-fi fits them well.

Check out ‘Wait & Wait & Wait’ from the LP below and order the record, out next week on 180g vinyl and digital download HERE.

28, April, 2014


Very, very stoked to be putting out Faux Fur‘s debut album on tape! This came out about a year ago via their bandcamp and I believe that they sold some tapes at shows too. This is the first time a ‘proper’ run has been made available and it’s all killer, no filler from these young Canadian heirs to the Calgary thrown.

This is very much in the same vein as a lot of my favourite stuff that has come out of Canada in the past 5 or so years. They share the same DNA as the likes of Women (literally, as drummer Andrew is the younger brother of Patrick and Matthew Flegel of Women), Chad VanGaalen, Freak Heat Waves, Each Other etc. That’s to say that it takes vaguely 60s sounding compositions and mashes it together with post punk and odd time signatures. Faux Fur are less abrasive than some of their forefathers though and the song writing on this album really shines through.

Only 100 tapes made and also available as a digital download. Check out ‘Rough Palms’ below and head over to our bandcamp to buy the tape / hear the whole thing.

10, March, 2014
Omi Palone


Very excited to anounce that next up is Omi Palone‘s S/T debut LP co-released by Faux Discx and Negative Space on 14th April 2014, available on vinyl LP (limited to 300) and digital download.

Following their long sold-out self-released cassette of 2011 and two split 7”’s in 2012, this will be Omi Palone’s debut LP proper. The 8-track record is a frenetic fuzz-tinged pop headrush of barely-restrained punk outbursts. Singer-guitarist Philip Serfaty’s deep and sleepy baritone reverberates over urgent, rushing chord progressions and incisive rhythmic precision. Frantic jangling guitar hooks fall away to one-chord motorik chug, hypnotic drone and looming fuzz, giving the tracks a hounded, runaway feel.

Finding strength in brevity, the band explores and experiments with what can be expressed in a 3 minute post-punk song; controlled, complex melodies interweaving in amongst simple (but not simplistic) repetitive structures, interrupted only by stomping middle-eights. Artistic allegiances nod towards an Antipodean influence: the output of 80s New Zealand labels such as Flying Nun & Xpressway, as well as the current Australian punk scene.

Check out and download ‘Shallow Divide’ below and PRE-ORDER the LP over at our bandcamp.

2, March, 2014


Faux Discx is hosting a night at The Macbeth, in London on March 21st as part of Bad Vibrations’ mini Festival Label Mates. It’s FREE to get in and features back-to-back performances from Faux Discx favourites past, present and future including Sauna Youth, Dignan Porch, Cold Pumas, Omi Palone, Tense Men and Housewives, as well as our friends Negative Space on DJ duties. Snag an advanced ticket HERE or head over to the Facebook event page for more info.

7, February, 2014


NEXT UP ON FAUX DISCX! Tense Men’s Where Dull Care Is Forgotten mini LP is released on 10th March 2014, available on 12” (limited to 300) and digital download.


The claustrophobic, miasmic world of Tense Men is a world of scuttling shapes, deformed shadows and rigid, repetitive rhythms. The world of Tense Men has a low ceiling, the walls are wooden, rotting in places and badly varnished. The world of Tense Men is clammy to the touch. Eyes twitch, ears ring. Ears burn, eyes sting. The world of Tense Men is dripping all over your mouldy living room carpet. Reptilian tongues darting in and out tasting the dank air. Human forms jerking awkwardly to a record skipping in a locked, sweaty room. Shrieking voices. Murmuring whispers. Telling you things you don’t want to know over and over again, you listen because you aren’t sure if you’re really hearing it or not. You are! Aren’t you?

Tense Men was two and is now three men, varying in tension, height and origination. These men also exist within other entities, namely Sauna Youth, Cold Pumas and Omi Palone, amongst others. It began in the bleak Autumn of 2010 and has henceforth been peddling its suspect wares back and forth, here and there. Prior to Where Dull Care is Forgotten, there was an unnamed cassette on Casenove Tapes.

Check out and download RNRFON from the LP below:

Also, make sure you get down to the record launch in London at Powerlunches on March 8th, details here.


20, November, 2013


It’s with great pleasure that Faux Discx can announce the debut release from Housewives: an experimental guitar-band based in South London, interested in the relationship between noise and sound.

Housewives’ sound (or noise) is indebted to the scratch and scrawl of No Wave and Post Punk. Melody is often tossed aside in favour of clanging dissonance and sharp rhythmic turns. This Heat’s Charles Hayward noted ‘a sort of monochromatic surliness slowly warms up to a barely controlled anger, hypnotic and building from the simplest elements’ in Housewives’ sound. The influence of the likes of Luigi Russolo, Steve Reich and Phillip Glass can also be found within the space and noise of the group’s DNA. Upset The Rhythm put it best: ‘their songs creep out of chaos into urgent bursts of energy and loud focus.’

Housewives (which was recorded by Vision Fortune’s Alex Peru) is released December 9th on limited edition tape cassette and digital download.

Stream and download ‘Medicine Bottle’ for free below and pre-order the tape / stream the whole release at our bandcamp.

30, October, 2013


It is with great pleasure that Faux Discx can announce a new 7″ that has been in the pipeline for quite a while, the debut release from Vancouver’s Androgynous Mind.

Androgynous Mind is a new project from former Women guitarist-vocalist Patrick Flegel, and whilst only five songs are on the Nightstalker EP, just hearing him with a guitar should be enough to get fans of his former work excited.

Flegel is joined by Morgan Cook, who plays things straight and primal against his dissonance and squall, that is when she isn’t wailing along with him, like on the opening pair of tantrums that sound like some lost Harry Pussy recording session. It’s over in a blink before segueing into ‘Knock on My Door’ a spectrally understated pop gem worth playing bleary-eyed at four in the morning. “Knock” revels in Flegel’s distinctive guitar presence, working shapely lattices of notes into descending sheets of melody in a manner both lulling and forceful, but you remember that from Public Strain, right?

Post-punk guitar intricacies rarely mesh with pop hooks so masterfully, yet Flegel has proven himself many times to be staggeringly adept at both. With Androgynous Mind he and Cook have striped their ideas to the bone, revealing a thing both harsh and beautiful, direct and engaging.

Nightstalker is released by Faux Discx on 9th December 2013, available on 7″ (limited to 300 on dinked vinyl, in a hand-numbered reverse-board sleeve) and digital download. It is available to PRE-ORDER NOW: Check out and download ‘Knock On My Door’ below:

27, August, 2013


The 25th (!) release on the label will be a compilation of Faux Discx family and friends for Cassette Store Day 2013. Collective Hiss compiles 15 tracks from some of the UK’s (and Canada’s) best bands and presents them as a whole for your listening pleasure. All of the tracks are exclusive to this release and you won’t find them in their forms presented here on any other release at present. The tape will be available in shops on September 7 and available to order via the Faux Discx bandcamp page the following weekend. There are only 100 copies available for sale so if you snooze, you lose!


Listen to the whole thing here.

Track List:

1. Teardrop Factory – Honey Run
2. Sauna Youth – Decisions (The Bears)
3. Vision Fortune – Back Crawl
4. Sealings – Donkey Jacket (demo)
5. Lab Coast – I Apologize (Husker Du)
6. Occult Hand – Grass Labyrinth
7. The Soft Walls – Disappearer
8. Shudder Pulps – Man Stands Up (demo)
9. Royal Limp – Salt Lick (demo)
10. Primitive Parts – Chinese Bookie (The Yummy Fur)
11. Housewives – Larceny (demo)
12. Weird Menace – Infinity Dot (demo)
13. Idea Shower – The Fool
14. Virginia Wing – Polish Paul (demo)
15. Cold Pumas – Venlo Impro (live)

These excellent shops will be stocking the tape:

Resident, Brighton, UK
Rough Trade East, London, UK
Norman Records, Leeds, UK
Crash Records, Leeds, UK
Rise, Bristol, Cheltenham and Worcester, UK
VoxBox Music, Edinburgh, UK
The Music Exchange, Nottingham, UK
The Inkwell, York, UK
Malcolm’s Musicland, Chorley, Lancashire, UK
Love Music, Glasgow, UK
The Wool-E Shop, Gent, Belgium

7, August, 2013
FAUX 024

VIRGINIA WING – Extended Play

Faux Discx is proud to announce the release of Extended Play, an EP by Virginia Wing. This EP sees the band settle in to and expand upon their sound, giving their ideas space to grow, straddling the line between pop and experimentalism. Following on from excellent tape and 7″ releases on SexBeat and Critical Heights, their Faux Discx debut sees the band at a new creative high.

Virginia Wing chime in on the established dialogue between the popular and the avant-garde. To some extent the London based four-piece are happy to walk the well furrowed ground of influence: the ring modulated detachment of White Noise, the rhythmic propulsion of Can and the oblique endearment of Robert Wyatt are all appreciated points of reference.

However, the bands’ desires are more abstract than merely dealing in the business of nostalgia. The reiteration of every profound feeling; a gentle push into an internal world; the evocation of a lifetime of memories, rather than a knowing nod towards a distinct era.

Extended Play is released on Monday 16 September on 12″ vinyl (limited to 300) and digital download, and is available to pre-order from Faux Discx now.

To celebrate the release of the EP we’re having a party at The Prince Albert in Brighton on Sunday 15 September. Virginia Wing will be joined live by Royal Limp and Occult Hand, to make it extra special we’ve got Innerstrings Psychedelic Lightshow providing visuals. It’s gonna be AMAZING. Check out the Facebook event and please spread the word.

Check out and download a cut from the EP – ‘Common Ground’, via Soundcloud below:

23, July, 2013


Next up on Faux Discx we have Shudder Pulps‘ debut slab of wax – the Housebound EP which is available from August 12, 2013 on a run of 300 hand-numbered 7”s ( continuing Faux Discx’s new ‘Monotone’ 7” series, started with the recent release of Teardrop Factory’s Topshop EP) and digital download via all the usual outlets.

Shudder Pulps are 3 punk lifers who use a guitar, a bass and drums to make music. Although physically rooted in London and Brighton, they’re perhaps more musically rooted to American underground and garage rock. They are inspired by overlooked cult bands Country Teasers and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.

Shudder Pulps joyously clatter around their songs, pulling in elements of 90s slacker indie and post punk to make an exhilarating noise. Their sound focuses on repetition and build ups, with echo-ey vocals and jagged guitars, they have recently been described as “an energetic little bunch churning out C86 like blasts of good-feeling rock-pop by the bucket load.”

You can pre-order the 7″ here as well as digitally on iTunes. Check out and download a choice cut – ‘Kicker’, from the EP below.

23, April, 2013
FAUX 022.indd


Next up on Faux Discx is Teardrop Factory’s debut 7” – the Topshop EP.  As well as being an awesome bunch of people, Teardrop Factory are a messy indie rock band from Brighton, UK that play fractured pop music with a fondness for grit and distortion.

Both sickly and sweet, the echoes of Guided By Voices, Sonic Youth and Jesus & Mary Chain can be heard in their perfectly formed 3-minute pop songs. Like their peers before them they strike the balance between satisfying hooks and head-spinning dissonance. There is fuzz and reverb but most importantly there are songs that will lodge themselves, stubbornly, in your head.

The four songs contained within concisely showcase Teardrop Factory’s deft knack for penning an earworm, whether it’s in a Pixies-esque ripper like ‘Stolen Skull’ and ‘Topshop’ or through the kaleidoscopic pop of ‘Better Company’ and ‘Vanity Unfair’.

The Topshop EP is available from May 27, 2013 on a run of 300 hand-numbered 7”s (marking the beginning of Faux Discx’s new MONOTONE 7” series) and digital download via all the usual outlets. Check out ‘Vanity Unfair’ below and pre-order the 7″ or digital EP from our bandcamp.

11, March, 2013

Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Faux Discx will once again be joining forces with our good friends over at Gringo Records to release the excellent debut album by one of my favourite bands – Vision Fortune. Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune is Vision Fortune’s first long player and hears the band settling in to their droning, repetition based repeater punk over two sides of wax. Although their battering strobe light that features in their crushing live show isn’t literally in your front room as you listen to the record, it’s certainly there in spirit as the band expertly guide us through 8 tracks of hulking riffs, drawn out drones, ethereal vocals and cyclical drum patterns. Like great experimentalists such as This Heat, Swans and Liars before them; Vision Fortune are constantly moving forward and we’re excited that Faux Discx is part of that legacy.

Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune is released May 13 on 180g heavyweight LP (limited to 300 copies) and digital download via all the usual sources. You can pre-order the vinyl HERE and can listen to /download a track from the album ‘XIV’ below.

4, December, 2012

Stuart Warwick – The Butcher’s Voice

It’s with great pleasure that Faux Discx can announce that we’ll be co-releasing Stuart Warwick‘s excellent new album. Stuart is releasing the record himself via his Laugh Riot Records label digitally and on CD, Faux Discx will be releasing the LP on our favourite format, vinyl.

The second album to be released under his married name, The Butcher’s Voice is a collection of eleven lyrically provocative and spellbinding songs, perfectly showcasing the haunting purity of Warwick’s voice, hushed musical delivery, and his dark tongue-in-cheek humour.

Warwick’s sound is comparable to Perfume Genius; indeed it could be stated that much of the tone and feeling heard on Mike Hadreas’ recent review busting album was lifted straight from Warwick’s solo debut The Ordeal – an album of fractured minimal piano and delicate ethereal singing, which Warwick self-released in 2010.

You can pre-order the vinyl now from our bandcamp page. The pressing is limited to 300 copies, pressed on 180g black vinyl, reverse-board printed sleeve with spine, hand-numbered in silver ink. Listen to and download ‘Sailors’ – the first track from the album below:

7, November, 2012


If you are reading this you probably know that Cold Pumas‘ debut album – Persistent Malaise – was released this Monday on vinyl, CD and digital download. Get it from your local independent record store, online digitally or order it direct from us here. Sorry if you are waiting on your pre-order, we just got back from the Cold Pumas / Sauna Youth tour which was amazing but this does mean if you ordered last week they’ve only just been sent out.

Speaking of the tour, massive thanks to everybody who came out, all the promoters who put us on, everybody who housed us, all the bands we played with and all the good people we met. IT WAS FUN.

15, October, 2012

Rohame – Winter [01]

Faux Discx’s first tape release comes from Rohame, a collective that boasts members of The Telescopes, Tropics and The Bleeding Machines in it’s ranks. Strictly limited to only 100 hand-made card sleeved white tapes, Winter [01] is available to order now from the Faux Discx bandcamp store, orders will ship from Monday 22 October.

In their own words: “Much in the way that storms form, Winter [01] is the culmination of the right circumstances and elements, brought together to capture the creations of that moment. A reaction to environment, subconscious will and each other’s performance. No re-takes, no overdubs. From the birth place of the dream weapon, a collective consciousness of space, mass, pulse, love, patience and horror.”

11, October, 2012


Cold Pumas and Sauna Youth are going on a 10-day tour of England and Wales later this month. This’ll be in support of Sauna Youth’s Dreamlands long-player and Cold Pumas’ forthcoming Persistent Malaise (out November 5th, pre-order here). The dates are as follows:



w/ Playlounge
Facebook Event


w/ Fair Ohs & Sealings
Facebook Event


w/ Mazes, Hookworms, Vision Fortune, Broken Arm, Cowtown & The Mt. Sierra Trip
Facebook Event


w/ Feature, Wooderson, The Jelas, The Bell Peppers & Collider
Facebook Event


w/ Forest
Facebook Event


w/ Wax Futures, Collider & Youth Man
Facebook Event


w/ Ssssnakes



w/ Cosmic Thoughts
Facebook Event


w/ Vision Fortune & Weird Menace
Facebook Event

24, September, 2012


It’s with great pleasure, and a certain amount of relief, that Faux Discx can announce the début album by Cold PumasPersistent Malaise. This has been a LONG time coming. Written throughout 2011, recorded in January of this year and finally seeing the light of day when it is released officially on November 5th.

Once again Faux Discx is teaming up with our partners in the North; Gringo Records and new associates Italian Beach Babes in the release of this record which will be available on vinyl, CD and digital download. The vinyl is an edition of 500 on 180g black vinyl, reverse-board printed sleeve with spine and printed inner-sleeve. Includes digital download. The CD is an edition of 1000, housed in a reverse-board printed gatefold digifile sleeve. The digital version is hovering just outside the Earth’s atmosphere and gets beamed down via satellites to your computer. The artwork features incredible original paintings by Flo Brooks and looks AMAZING.

To mark the announcement of the record you can download the motorik post-punk gem ‘Fog Cutter’ from the LP below for FREE. Also, check out Cold Pumas’ blog for forthcoming UK tour dates with their best buddies / label mates Sauna Youth, commencing in late October.

11, September, 2012

Record Affair

Our friends over at Just A Crush are putting on an event to celebrate independent UK labels. Read below for more info and make sure you get down there to snap up some hot vinyl deals and see some great bands.

In their own words…

JAC has asked our favourite independent labels across the UK to sell their records at Record Affair and showcase some of their best bands, bringing the community together and their records alive.

Record buying has become a virtual event and we rarely get to see the faces behind our favourite labels. Without them we wouldn’t have the aural pleasure of hearing our favourite bands in the comfort of our own home so it’s about time we supported the labels themselves.

The corner of the labels’ living rooms get a well earned break from storing boxes and boxes of records as Just A Crush transports them to the garden of The Shacklewell Arms for your record buying needs.

Leave your iPod at home and have a Record Affair.



Tough Love
Suplex Cassettes
Faux Discx
Marshall Teller
Comfortable On A Tight Rope
Milk Records

Virginia Wing
Sauna Youth
The Proper Ornaments
Omi Palone


Sunday 23rd September 2012
The Shacklewell Arms (London)
1pm onwards
Facebook event

Record fair – Free entry
Live music – £5 advanced (, £6 on the door


More info:

3, September, 2012


Dreamlands is out today in all good record shops in the UK and via iTunes. You can still order it online via our Bandcamp page, there’s not that many copies left here at Faux Discx so don’t delay in snapping up a copy of the 500 edition heavyweight vinyl. To celebrate the release of the record long-time Faux Discx friend and photographer extraordinaire Owen Richards has posted a gallery (featuring the image above) of some of his best photos of Sauna Youth that he’s compiled over the years of their activity. Check it out here.

22, August, 2012

The Soft Walls

The Soft Walls’ debut album is the product of time spent in solitude by Cold Pumas member and Faux Discx overseer – Dan Reeves. Recorded over the space of nine months, The Soft Walls takes in psychedelic folk, ambient & found sounds, lo-fidelity garage, broken house and wobbly krautrock in it’s 30 or so minutes.

It’s available NOW as a digital download via our bandcamp and also on tape from our very good friends over at Suplex Cassettes.

14, August, 2012

pre-order dreamlands

Check out this cute picture. You can now pre-order Sauna Youth‘s excellent debut LP Dreamlands from the Faux Discx webstore. You’ll get the digital download straight away and your order will ship a week before the official release date of September 3rd. Get it before your friends and then pretend to be bored of it by the time they get their copies.


17, July, 2012

Sauna Youth – Dreamlands

It’s with great pleasure that Faux Discx and Gringo records can announce the release of Sauna Youth‘s debut album – Dreamlands. Available on 180g black vinyl with a 12-page risograph print insert and digital download, it will be available to pre-order SOON.

For now, you can check out / download a choice cut from the album – ‘PSI Girls’.

22, February, 2012
Chris Reimer RIP


It’s with a heavy heart that I’d like to offer my sympathies to the family and friends of Women guitarist – Chris Reimer, who died yesterday in his sleep.

I only met Chris on a handful of occasions but found him to be a funny and personable guy. As a musician he was incredibly talented and forward-thinking in the way he approached his compositions, I often listen in awe to Women records, in particular to the twists and turns of his guitar lines. It saddens me that I’ll never share a joke with him, or see him play again but am proud to have considered him a friend. Rest in peace.

Dan / Faux Discx x

17, February, 2012

The Soft Walls – Black Cat

FREE MUSIC! Download the first song The Soft Walls (me) has deemed acceptable for public consumption HERE.

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