The Butcher's Voice


The Butcher's Voice

  1. Sailors
  2. Birds That Don’t Fly
  3. Cherished Muscle
  4. The Butcher’s Voice
  5. Man With a Pussy
  6. Dreams of a Tomato Can
  7. Dame Binned Cow
  8. The Crush
  9. Melancolonica
  10. The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Pounded
  11. The Fairer Sex

Edition of 300 180g black vinyl, reverse-board printed sleeve with spine, black paper inner-bag and printed insert. Comes with digital download code.

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Released 20 February 2013
Available digitally via Bandcamp

The second album to be released under his married name, The Butcher’s Voice is a collection of eleven lyrically provocative and spellbinding songs, perfectly showcasing the haunting purity of Warwick’s voice, hushed musical delivery, and his dark tongue-in-cheek humour.

Lyrically, there is a reoccurring theme of gender identity punctuating almost every track on ‘The Butcher’s Voice’ – in this respect it could almost be described as a concept album. Fitting then that female-to-male transsexual porn star Buck Angel should feature on the albums cover; to the casual eye, the antithesis of a hyper masculine male – muscle-bound, shaved head, moustached, tattooed – but, as those aware of his work will know, Buck subverts such simplistic notions of gender identity.

Densely layered and rich, playful and dark, The Butcher’s Voice is a collection of 11 elegant compositions; a heady mix of bittersweet lost-love songs and Warwick’s darkly comic, twisted and lewd lyrical wit.

Produced by Aidan O’Brien and Stuart Warwick.
Mixed and mastered by Joe Rubel.
Artwork by Stuart Warwick.