Monster Energy


Monster Energy

  1. Monster Energy
  2. Urinal
  3. Silver Corsa
  4. York Hotel
  5. We Don't Need (To Be A Big Part Of The Scene)
  6. Sorry Feeling Heart
  7. Elderly Man
  8. Supermoon
  9. Fishes Swimming
  10. Big Cash Prize
  11. Comfort Of My Room
  12. I Am The Babysitter

Limited run of cassettes with printed art card sleeves. Edition of 100. Comes with digital download code.

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Released 17 March 2017
Available digitally via Bandcamp

Garden Centre is a band formed out of necessity. The specific function of the band was to tell the story of a group of people who found themselves drawn to an abandoned plant nursery in southern England. The band hoped that their messages were transmitted efficiently, broadcast via audio in the form of their début album 'Garden Centre'.

With their task well and truly complete, the members of Garden Centre have become distracted. Some members still obsess over semi-rural boredom and exploration. Others have the audacity to write love songs. The most cretinous members opt to write about energy drinks exclusively. Their distracted and unfocused efforts come to the fore in their new album 'Monster energy'.

Garden Centre The Band features members of King of Cats, Joanna Gruesome, and Keel Her amongst other rotating visitors. 'Monster Energy' sees chief songwriter Max Levy return to the solitude of his bedroom studio, where he composed and recorded this album with only a hint of help from other members of the band.