Faux Discx is an independent record label based in Brighton, UK, run by Dan Reeves (me) of Cold Pumas / Soft Walls.

The label is distributed via Republic of Music, as well as selling physical stock online in the Shop, and digitally online via bandcamp and iTunes. Please contact Republic of Music if you’d like to stock Faux Discx releases, or if you want to recommend a store that should stock us. Alternatively you can contact me direct.



Send LINKS (no attachments please) to demos to:


I try to listen to everything, if I like it I'll be in touch.


I often get asked to put shows on for touring bands in Brighton. As a rule, Faux Discx only ever puts on shows for bands on the label, or acts associated in some way with it. So, if you are looking for a promoter in Brighton to help host a show,  I can recommend the following:

Dictionary Pudding
Love Thy Neighbour
Gob Nation
Brighton Noise
Tatty Seaside Town

Good luck!